Tunera is a transnational type foundry, that aims to present new and original typefaces for everyone. Tunera Type Foundry got its name from the Indian fig cactus, called “tunera” in Spanish, because it offers sharp font picks, rich curves and lots of flavor.

Tunera was founded in january 2020 by Ariel Martín Pérez, an art director, type designer and illustrator based in Paris. Anton Moglia joined him in this project soon afterwards. If you have any question about the foundry or its fonts, you need a custom font for your company or you want to propose an open-source font for the foundry, feel free to contact us at: contact@tunera.xyz

This website has been designed by Anton Moglia from the Ofont suite by Raphaël Bastide.
The typefaces used on this website are Paysage designed by Anton Moglia, and Canarina by Ariel Martín Pérez.

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