Nyght Serif

Nyght Serif is a contemporary serif with a spicy character. Its contrasting forms combine smooth and sharp curves, like blade serifs and spurs. Work on it began during the study of the well-known typefaces designed by William Caslon. However, under the influence of calligraphy and modern serifs, its design has been greatly transformed. The typeface, designed by Maksym Kobuzan, presents a wide Latin character set as well as Ukrainian Cyrillic. In 2023, it received the Typographic Excellence Certificate award in the occasion of the 69th edition of the Type Directors Club competition. Nyght Serif is being published while its development is still in progress, and there will be many updates. Stay tuned!

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      Nyght Serif 0.5

    • This version presents the Regular, Medium and Bold weights, with their correponding italics, that add to the existing weights. It also presents language support for Bulgarian Cyrillic and a certain improvement of curve quality for all weights.