Tanklager ("tank farm" in German) is a typeface inspired by a weird hand-painted sign found on the side of an oil tank in Visp, Switzerland. Tanklager made its debut in the 9th issue of a review called Jef Klak, which was dedicated to ingestion and digestion. Its type design is a mixture of DIN and grotesk features, where capital and lowercase letters sometimes have different structures. Some shapes are blatantly recycled, like the f and the t; sometimes there aren't enough optical corrections and sometimes they are pushed too hard, like in the X or in the letter apexes. The diacritics are very geometrical and they're having a blast. The typeface comes in two cuts: Original (its width is similar to that of the original sign) and Kompakt (for more effective titles). The category is: all the dirty tricks at once.

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    • First public version, extended Latin typeface in two widths.